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Welcome to Dave’s Christmas Tree Lot! Your holiday moments are our passion. We love our community, value family fun and take pride in turning your traditions into lasting memories. Our story is inspired by you.

We Love Our PTA

Since 1998, we have been supporting our local Brandon, Valrico and Fishhawk PTAs. We hold two events each year and GIVE BACK a percentage of all student- or parent-made purchases to the school. A flyer must be presented.

Fall Harvest Fun

Fall fun is our specialty. We open the first of October and host fall fun with pumpkins of all sizes, gourds, highly stacked hay bales and more!

Christmas in July – We Start Early!

We’ve been inspired to go the extra mile – literally.

Every July, we travel up to the North Carolina Mountains to hand pick each and every Christmas tree to be sold each year. The upcharge we pay to personally select our trees ensures you have the “best in show” to choose from.

We look at over 6,000 trees and only mark the highest quality firs, spruces and pines with our ribbon – to be cut in the colder months. For the past 50 years, our supplier has been grooming “show quality” Christmas trees. In the fall, they take the extra time to sheer, trim, fertilize and add calcium nitrate to the soil to keep the trees healthy and their colors vibrant.

We Only Offer “Cold-Cut” Trees

Trees exposed to cold weather before they have been cut hold their needles significantly longer. That’s why at Dave’s Christmas Tree Lot, we care that your tree starts out looking wonderful and lasts through the season. Follow these Christmas tree care tips to make it last even longer! Our passion is making your holiday perfect from start to finish – which is why we begin early each year to make that happen.